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Basic SWAT / Tactical Medic Course

This specialized medical course is structured for pre-hospital medical providers attached to SWAT teams and Protective Details. The mission of this course is to expand the student’s knowledge of emergency medical care within the hostile tactical environment.


Course content includes:
• Integration of TEMS into tactical operations
• Medical Operations Pre-plan
• Use of cover and concealment during medical treatment
• Medical considerations for team wellness
• Tactical Airway, Wound ballistics, and hemorrhage control
• Medical considerations of less-lethal munitions
• Officer-Down medical treatment and rescue techniques
• Elements of high-risk warrant service and hostage rescue
• Basic building-clearing techniques
• Stealth and dynamic team movement
• Basic firearms skills and familiarization of tactical weapons systems
• Medical treatment in adverse conditions (low-light and gas mask)

EMT BASIC Certification and above. This course will utilize live fire and force on force drills, students must be in good physical condition.

For more information or to host this course at your location contact Special Operations Systems LLC. 888-281-7811 or admin@specopsystems.com

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