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Texas Concealed Handgun License – Certification Course

The State of Texas passed laws that allow its citizens to carry concealed handguns for self-protection. Obtaining a license to carry a concealed handgun in the State of Texas requires a minimum 10-hour Concealed Handgun License Certification Course which is outlined by the Texas Department of Public Safety and covers the following topics:

·         The Use of Force

·         Firearm Safety

·         Firearm Storage

·         Dispute Resolution

·         Texas Laws Regarding the Use of Force

·         State Licensing Requirements

·         Live fire qualification course

Course Tuition Includes:

·         10-hour classroom instruction and testing

·         Range qualification

·         B-27 Target

·         Review of paperwork

·         Use of loaner handgun for range qualification

Tuition Does Not Include:

·         Fingerprints taken by L-1 Enrollment ($10.00 fee paid to L-1, Required)

·         Ammunition (50 Rounds Minimum)

·         Photographs 2 color passport sized

·         State of Texas CHL Application Fees ($140.00 State fees)


Bookings are closed for this event.

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