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TCCC Certification Course

TCCC Certification Course by 911TacMed. 



COST: $450.00



The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield. NAEMT conducts TCCC courses under the auspices of its PHTLS program, the recognized world leader in pre-hospital trauma education.  NAEMT’s TCCC courses use the PHTLS Military textbook and are fully compliant with the Department of Defense’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) guidelines. It is the only TCCC course endorsed by the American College of Surgeons.  The TCCC-MP (TCCC for Medical Personnel) course is designed for combat EMS/military personnel, including medics, corpsmen, and pararescue personnel deploying in support of combat operations.  NAEMT’s TCCC course is is accredited by CAPCE and recognized by NREMT.   Students will participate in a lung, airway, ballistic wound packing labs with many other hands on skill stations.


PREREQUISITE: Qualified Civilians, Certified Law Enforcement Officers, Security Officers, Government contractors, Military Personnel – Good Physical Condition = capable of sitting, standing, walking, running, applying medical interventions, moving patients, while carrying personal equipment.


INSTRUCTORS: The instructor cadre is a globally experienced and diverse group. This provides a unique and balanced perspective in creating our training programs. The instructors are drawn from all branches of the Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations community along with members from the Medical, Intelligence, and Investigative communities. This blend of instructors provides an outstanding depth and strength to our training.


EQUIPMENT: Note taking material, ball cap, weather appropriate clothing, personal tactical / EDC gear (plate carrier, duty belt, etc).



11641 S. Interstate 35W, Grandview, TX 76050



Comfort Suites Hotel

(817) 293-7900

400 Village Park Dr., Alvarado, TX 76009

Rate Code: RANGE 35 Rate: $59.00 King – $69.00 double queen



16 hours TCOLE Credit

16 hours Medical CEUs  (NAEMT TCCC-MP)

You must notify us to pay and reserve a training seat.

Call if you have any questions or to submit payment: 270-871-2953

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