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Tactical Performance Shooting – Pistol

The Tactical Performance Shooting (TPS) program combines the latest relevant competition methodologies with the most up to date combat firearms tactics to ensure the shooter is able to effectively perform on demand.  Victims survive…  Here at  Special Operations Systems we believe that you should not train to merely SURVIVE a lethal encounter, but that you should train to WIN!  We generally do not get to choose the time and/or location of a deadly confrontation, it is important that you possess the skills necessary to “Perform On Demand”.

The following knowledge, skills, and abilities will be enhanced during this course:

1. Fundamentals of Marksmanship
2. Accuracy
3. High-Ready Presentation
4. Stoppages/ Reloads
5. Multiple Target Engagements
6. Moving
7. Stress Shooting

Prerequisites:  Basic weapons handling knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Equipment:  Handgun, 3 magazines minimum, concealment or duty holster, belt, magazine pouch, appropriate range attire, eye protection, ear protection, water / snacks, appropriate weather gear, ball cap, pen and paper for note taking, 550 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Instructor:  B.M. – Former U.S. Navy SEAL with experience from most vantage points within the tactical community. As an Operator for 12+ years (2000-2013), he has conducted multiple deployments during Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, as well as other countries around the world. As a highly skilled Master Training Specialist (Instructor)  has taught basic to advanced levels in subjects such as CQB, Sniping, Breaching, Combat K9 employment, surveillance/ counter-surveillance, PSS, Helicopter rope training, and small arms combat shooting. He brings the standards, professionalism, real-world experience, and fresh current tactical information from the worlds best to you and your unit.


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