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Intro to Drug Interdiction / Criminal Patrol Operations

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Drug Interdiction / Criminal Patrol Operations are an essential proactive law enforcement function.  Organized crime, terrorist acts, murder, theft, fraud, and drug smuggling all have one thing in common: Mobility.   Every day criminals attempt to travel to and from the scene of their crime undetected.  Fugitives from justice go through great lengths to avoid capture and prosecution.  Within this course we explore techniques in drug interdiction / criminal patrol operations designed to expose criminals in transit using proven investigative methods, interview tactics, and sign cutting.  This course was developed to provide the officer with the basic tactics, techniques, and procedures to begin interdicting criminal activity in progress. 


• Introduction to Criminal/ Drug Interdiction
• Building blocks to success
• Roadside interview techniques
• Indicators of deception
• Legal issues relating to interdiction patrol stops
• Contraband smuggling and hidden compartments
• Bulk currency seizures
• Directed Patrol
• Commercial Motor Vehicles 

PREREQUISITE: Certified Law Enforcement Officers.  This course is sensitive in nature and is restricted to Active Duty Law Enforcement Only (Municipal, County, State, Federal, Military and Intel Community, ID Required)

INSTRUCTORS: The instructor cadre is a globally experienced and diverse group. This provides a unique and balanced perspective in creating our training programs. The instructors are drawn from all branches of the Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations community along with members from the Medical, Intelligence, and Investigative communities. This blend of instructors provides an outstanding depth and strength to our training.

EQUIPMENT: Note taking materials, uniform or casual clothing for practical searching exercise, flashlight, gloves.

COST: Free of Charge


Course Location:

Burleson Police Department, 1161 SW Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028 (2nd floor training room)      TO REGISTER: https://jc.nuvolaacademy.com/


  • 8 hours TCOLE Credit – #3407 Highway Drug Interdiction

For more information or to host this course at your location contact Special Operations Systems LLC. 888-281-7811 or admin@specopsystems.com.

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