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Corporate Team Building Adventure

Our Corporate Team Building Adventure events are fun, exciting, and completely different from any corporate training you may have participated in previously.  Why attend another boring ropes course.   Become the leader of your environment. Our corporate team building adventures are the ultimate in leadership development and decision making. We place our attendees into a mock tactical environment where they are trained on specific topics.  Attendees are then assessed on their ability to apply their knowledge and operate as a team.   While you are here you will learn field-proven leadership and decision making skills which will allow you to attack your future objectives like never before.

  • Leadership – All attendees will walk away learning valuable leadership skills that can be applied to their daily lives.
  • Weapons Marksmanship – Attendees will have the opportunity to fire several weapons and learn important individual marksmanship skills.
  • Teamwork – All attendees will be placed into scenarios that will force them to perform as a team or risk mission failure.
  • Situational Awareness – Aware individuals are more adept at the details and are less likely compromised.
  • Analytical Strategies – Attendees will learn how to process a wide variety of information while under stress.
  • Planning and Organization Strategies – Attendees will be presented with several methods for planning and organization that are field tested.
  • Basic emergency medical actions – There is no greater achievement than knowing what to do when life and limb hang in the balance.

Shooting at a corporate team building adventure

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