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Aerial Carbine Course


Course Description: Experience the excitement of shooting from a helicopter. This course is ideal for Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, or Civilian Shooters alike.   Students will be exposed to the marksmanship fundamentals required to shoot from a moving helicopter. Students will be presented with a comprehensive ground school before moving to the aircraft where they will complete several live fire runs from within a MD500 “Littlebird” Helicopter.


Course content includes:

  • Weapons Safety
  • Rifle Marksmanship
  • Aircraft Safety
  • Loading and Unloading in the aircraft
  • Target Engagement Techniques


Ammunition required: 200 rifle rounds

About the Instructors: Our instructor staff is comprised of subject matter experts with years of practical experience as law enforcement officers. Each instructor has been carefully selected for their operational background serving on Law Enforcement S.W.A.T. / Emergency Response Teams and/or elite units within the US Military. Special Operations Systems LLC is dedicated to teaching modern tactics, techniques, and procedures that have been proven in high risk operations worldwide. Based on their own real world experience our instructors understand the value of high quality training. Our goal is to insure you are prepared to excel, when faced with a critical incident.

Pre Requisites and Equipment requirements: US Citizens with a clear criminal record. Physically capable of controlling a rifle while riding in a moving aircraft. Rifle, Sling, Minimum three magazines, Red Dot optic, Magazine holders, Belt, Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection, Ear protection, Rain gear, Firearm cleaning kit, Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions, Water bottle or other hydration system, Ball Cap, Sunscreen—WEAPONS AND AMMO AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL.


Cost per student: $525.00

Duration: 8 hours (1 day)

Times: 0800—1700



Bookings are closed for this event.

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