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Advanced SWAT Medic Course

Advanced SWAT Tactical Medic Course – 911TacMed


This Advanced SWAT Tactical Medic team training course is intended to provide the student with an understanding of Advanced SWAT tactics, medical training, techniques, and procedures. The course will provide lecture and demonstrations with scenario-based exercises and medical skills labs. To attend you must be at least an EMT and have proof of Basic SWAT Tactical Medic / Basic SWAT or an equivalent.

The Advanced SWAT Medic course takes the skills learned in Basic S.W.A.T. Medic to the next level. This intensive course includes advanced swat training in firearms, close quarter combat, entry, and breaching tactics. Advanced SWAT medics will be exposed to new technology and how to employ this technology within the tactical environment. Advanced SWAT medics will be re-certified in Basic Tactical Combat Casualty Care and exposed to Prolonged Field Care and K9 Medicine. The students will utilize their new skills in a multitude of mentally and physically challenging scenarios.

You will be training side by side with Advanced SWAT Officers while we integrate you with them as if you where on a SWAT Team with advanced training.


Course content includes:
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care
• Tactical Paramedic Review
• K-9 Trauma Training
• K-9 Medical Lab
• Airway and Advanced Skills Lab
• Ballistic Wound Lab
• Blood Transfusion Lab
• Fluid Resuscitation Lab
• Hostage Rescue
• Covert Entries
• Bus / Linear Assaults
• Vehicle Assault Workshop
• Advanced CQB Tactics
• Multiple Entry Points
• Intro to Advanced Breaching Skills (Explosives, Torch, Quick Saw)
• SWAT Technology Overview (Drones / Robots) – Remote Assessment
• Culmination Scenarios

PREREQUISITE: Certified Law Enforcement Officers, Security Officers, Government contractors, Military Personnel – Good Physical Condition = capable of performing protective duties.

INSTRUCTORS: The instructor cadre is a globally experienced and diverse group. This provides a unique and balanced perspective in creating our training programs. The instructors are drawn from all branches of the Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations community along with members from the Medical, Intelligence, and Investigative communities. This blend of instructors provides an outstanding depth and strength to our training.

EQUIPMENT: Ammunition: 500 Rounds (300 Rifle/200 Handgun) – All normal tactical equipment including, BDU or other similar tactical uniform, PT clothing, body armor, load-bearing vest or web-gear, eye and ear protection, gas mask, handgun and/or shoulder fired weapon . Please bring Simunitions / UTM safety equipment and 150 Simunition / UTM rounds per student.

Course Location:

11641 S. Interstate 35W, Grandview, TX 76050

Host Hotel:

Comfort Suites Hotel

(817) 293-7900

400 Village Park Dr., Alvarado, TX 76009

Rate Code: RANGE 35 Rate: $59.00 King – $69.00 double queen

50 hours TCOLE Credit – #3310 SWAT In-Service Training
16 hours NAEMT – TCCC-MP Recert
16 hours Tactical Paramedic Review (Tactical Paramedic Exam or Tactical Responder Exam Prep)

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